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iTuneCharts.com, is the most technological advanced tracking system available to see if your song or album has made it to the iTunes Chart. Most other websites only offer Top 100 Songs on iTunes, but iTuneCharts.com offers the Top 400 Songs on iTunes! This data is provided by Apple iTunes so you'll not find a more up to date iTunes Chart anywhere!

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Know the Secret

Industry experts have been trying to understand how exactly one gets charted on an iTunes chart, but it is a very well-guarded secret. Not only is how you get charted a secret, but how frequently the chart is updated is another well-kept piece of information.

Instant Notification

Not only can ItuneCharts.com immediately inform you that your song or album has been charted, it can track your progress for months as your song or album climbs the iTunes charts! Now you can know if your advertising and marketing campaigns are translating to downloadable sales, all tracked by the #1 music retailer of the world.

Automatic Updates

Sometimes it’s updated weekly, daily, or hourly, but need to worry anymore. Now record labels, independent artists, advertising and marketing firms or anyone who wants to know if they have made it to the “big time” by getting charted on iTunes can know instantly!